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Stefania Crudeli

Meditative Painting


The Artist’s biography:

Stefania was born on Lake Maggiore in Luino on 29.10. 1970. Since always she showed a creative and continuously evolving personality, with a very strong aspiration towards inner search and the realization of a spiritual life upon Earth.

Through her main profession as a holistic therapist (practiced for 25 years), Stefania has always been capable of channeling Universal Energies in a natural way.

Amongst her numerous and multiple professional experiences, the artist includes: Bioenergetic holistic therapies, Ayurvedic treatments, foot reflexology, acupressure, Shiatzu, Ci Kung, Yoga techniques, Live Coaching, the E.F.T. method, Holistic massage for nursing staff of palliative care.

At present she lives and works by choice in natural paradises like Engadin and Valtellina, to naturally recharge herself into the woods and in the mountain’s meditative silence. 

Stefania Crudeli’s painting draws its inspiration from her numerous travels towards the Eastern destinations of ancient India and Nepal. An extremely important influence on her artistic expression comes from her decades-long practice of Sri Aurobindo and Mother’s Yoga.

The colors used are clear, intense and luminous. Through her special use of oil paints, the artist is able to bestow to her paintings a very strong vibration, which gives them a sense of movement and dynamism. Stefania’s works convey in this way a special kind of energy which reflects her unique personality.



Om Namu Baghavate 

Energy and Thelepaty

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Krishna Love


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